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Now Nike has been around for a very long time , almost if not longer than me ,and we are talking dinasour years when it comes to my age. Probably the worlds leading suppliers of sports wear & trainers and Nike also have other labels under their belt to , like Umbro & Converse just to mention a few.

The Nike swoosh logo was first used in 1971 and today has become one of the most recognised logo’s in the world.It goes without saying that Nike is the leading sports footwear and apparel manufacturer in the world.

Hugo Boss

Has to be one of my personal favourite brands. First founded in 1924 in Germany, it’s main focus was making military uniforms but since 1948 Hugo Boss turned it’s focus on men’s suits. After going public in 1988 they introduced a fragrance line and in the 1990’s added men’s & women’s wear. Children’s wear was introduced in 2006 and since the brand has become a major world player. 

JD Sports

Founded by John & David in 1981 from their humble beginnings in Bury England, JD Sports is now one of the biggest sports wear retailers in the land. In 1983 the second store was opened in Manchester & another store in Oxford St in 1989.In 1996 the company was listed on the London Stock Exchange and ever since has opened stores all over the world.


Supply & Demand

Originating from Brooklyn New York this brand has caught my eye of late. Men’s,ladies and children’s wear all with an Urban touch make this brand stand out from the rest.


When it comes to brands we all have our favourites. Keep checking back here as we will be adding more brands in the near future. Also if you feel that one of your favourite brands are not listed please leave me a message.

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