Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Ltd is a French fashion company founded in 1991 by a french designer named Christian Louboutin .

Rising to fame with his signature footwear which is high end stilleto’s comprising of red lacquered soles , (Click image for more details).

Christian Louboutin Womens Black Satin Sandals

The company has branched out since into menswear , handbags and  perfumes .

I have listed a few below , to see the items in more detail click on the images .

Cjristian Louboutin Mens TrainersChristian Louboutin Loubi Nail Care Kit


Christian Louboutin trouble in heaven Eau De Parfum    Christian Louboutin Tornade Blonde Eau De Parfum

Christian Louboutin Makeup    Christian Louboutin silky satin lipstick






Do Trainers Really Cost This Much?

Giuseppe Zanotti Men’s Trainers

I always knew that the price of  trainers was always on the increase but recently i had a real shock when I found out that a couple of hundred pounds was the norm and sometimes over a thousand pounds.

Lets take a look at a few that I’ve randomly selected with the price tag in mind . Here’s a few i found on Amazon. Click on the picture of the trainer to see the real price , can you guess?

B0842X2BVM    B07WGB8XD2


Giuseppe Zanotti 

Born in 1957 in a town in Italy well known for shoe making , Giuseppe Zanotti started off his career in the 1980’s .

In the early 1990’s Giuseppe acquired his first shoe making factory and set about working on his company .

In 1994 Giuseppe travelled to New York to present his first Giuseppe Zanotti collection . Barneys New York , Saks Fifth Avenue , Neiman Marcus , Harrods , Harvey Nichols are just a few of the luxury retailers that are still with the brand up till today .

The first Giuseppe Zanotti store opened it’s doors in Milan in 2000 and was followed by more stores in New York , Paris , London, Moscow , Hong Kong , Los Angeles, Miami , St Tropez .

2016 saw Giuseppe Zanotti celebrate the opening of his 100th store in Shanghai and today employs up to 650 staff who are responsible for making approximately 600,000 pairs of footwear .

It’s always interesting to hear people’s views on what they think of high end trainers and also what price you would pay .

Please leave your comments and suggestions below

Giuseppe Zanotti Men’s Trainers