New Trainers To Go With My New Tracksuit

It happens all to often , you buy a brand new tracksuit and then reality hits home. Should I buy a brand new pair of trainers to go with my new tracksuit?

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Do I Really Need Them

There is always a temptation to buy a pair of brand new trainers just to compliment your new tracksuit. However you have to really ask yourself “ do you really need them ?” At this point I almost always go with my gut feeling . If I see something that catches my eye there and then I will almost certainly buy it (as long as the price is right).

If I’ve purchased my tracksuit for a special occasion then again almost certainly I will complete the outfit by buying a pair of trainers to compliment the tracksuit.

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Same Brand Or Different

It’s always good to try and match your tracksuit with the same branded trainers, unless your going for completely unbranded. These days designs are so eye catching that you can almost wear anything and it will match up to your outfit.

Again this is down to personal choice . Bear in mind these days a lot of outlets are giving big discounts if you spend more in one store .

Same Outlet Or Different

As I have just touched on buying from the same outlet can result in getting bigger discounts also keep in mind any loyalty schemes or coupon promotions the brand/outlet maybe running. This is probably one of the main reasons why people tend to stick to certain brands.

Sale Items

Another good place to start looking when you first visit an outlet is the sale’s rack. It’s become a common feature in almost all outlets these days. it’s always worth taking a look as you might just find something you like at a discounted price.

Why not share your thoughts about the subject , just think back to your most recent purchase and how it went for your . It’s always good hearing about other people’s experiences. HAPPY SHOPPING



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