Kappa…a stylish brand

Kappa is an Italian sports equipment and clothing brand founded in Turin .

over a century old …

Kappa was originally founded in 1916 which makes it over 100 years old, and is now truly a global brand serving worldwide.


Kappa does a lot of sponsorships ranging from worldwide football teams to musicians, Canadian rapper Dkay also featured Kappa in his music video for No Suprise.

Kappas Logo…

One thing that is very different about Kappa is their logo. Most if not all other sporting brands have symbols or letters as their logo’s but Kappa has something completely different. Kappa’s logo consists of 2 persons sitting back to back with one another.


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  1. Kappa also partnered with Alpha Romeo Sauber F1 that is why it has supplied the team with gears. Its also the official football supplier for leagues, referees and associations which are too many to mention. Their products are always on style but comfortable to wear. It was great for you to advertise this clothing company. They can par with leading brands because they have been in the business for many years.

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