Australian Retail Giant

  • On a recent trip to Australia i accidentally discovered a retail outlet that was big on youth fashion and had been around for decades .

Glue Outlet

The Glue outlet was well presented & stocked up with most of the household brands such as Nike , Adidas, Champion , Tommy Hilfiger , alongside some local Australian brands .

Champion clothing

The branch i visited was by Sydney Harbour , here’s a few pictures i took on my travels


Nike Boys Sweat Top






<<click here to visit the official glue website>>

The Glue store also offers FREE DELIVERY on orders over £75 , to take advantage of this offer or to take a look at more of Glue stores amazing offers please <<CLICK HERE>>


5 Replies to “Australian Retail Giant”

  1. I had not heard of the Glue outlet before, but I did look them up online and see that they have a website that you can order from.  The clothes look great, and definitely a few things my son would like.  Looks like they are also having a 30% off sale right now too!  Thanks for the heads up  on this clothing store.  I like it!

  2. You have a very nice website that is very nicely done. You seem a little short on information for each one is the only thing. It is well written and good pictures. I just dont think I learned enough, it was almost like the story got started and then it was over as quick as it started. Other than that, nice work.

  3. Thanks for this review of Glue… hadn’t heard of it before but my daughter is traveling in Australia now and is happy I pointed her in their direction. You’re right, they have a great selection of really high quality clothing and are having a crazy sale right now. 60% off and on some items another 25% off on top of that! She’s gotten some great deals and was really impressed with Glue! They are definitely an awesome place to shop and save on quality goods.

  4. Yup, I saw Glue when I was in Australia too. They have good quality apparel even for their local brands and I bought a few nice tops that were on sale. They are currently having a big sales too on their website, as much as 85% off so it’s a pretty good bargain if you are looking to stock up for the year. 

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