36 familia – The Latest Brand In Designer Cap’s

Welcome to the new 36 familia brand. EXCLUSIVE to a select few ,this designer cap is worn mainly by celebrities at the moment , as it isn’t stocked in any high street store yet. So here’s your chance to get your hands on one.

Designed by a UK based young designer this designer cap looks and feel’s the real deal. It comes with an adjustable strap at the back so size is never an issue, and the eye-catching eagle design at the front.

As it’s only manufactured just a few numbers at a time,this designer cap is priced fairly high but it does make you a member of an exclusive club. There are  less than 50 original caps available worldwide & no outlet or retailer is stocking it as of yet.

The only way you can get your hands on it is either by the designer sending it to you direct , or placing an order online here, cost is £49.99 (inc postage in uk).


36 familia cap

8 Replies to “36 familia – The Latest Brand In Designer Cap’s”

  1. Nice hat, but it DOES seem to be pretty high priced.  I collect ball caps.  I currently have over 20 hanging on my wall.  Some are gifts, some I purchased.  Wearing a unique ball cap does set a person apart.  I think that the hats that don’t have the adjustable back are a higher status symbol than the adjustable back caps.  Just my opinion.  Interesting product, though.  It must be popular, if it’s already sold out..


    1. Hi Grant , thanks for the kind words. The cap is sold out as only 50 were ever manufactured hence why the exclusive club tag . As soon as there’s more on the market I shall let it be know on here so please do visit back .

      Many thanks 

  2. Hey Taraq,

    Really interesting to know about this latest trend in best caps brands.  36 Familia seems to be going a premium brand in stylish caps. 

    The way you define it I think it fits the Snapback Caps kind of.  Though the price is a bit high, I think it’s worth it!

    Thanks for letting us know the latest.


    1. Hi Shubhangi , thanks for the feedback. The price also includes postage & packaging which is why it’s looking a tad high . Make sure to visit us again soon 

  3. Hi! I really like the design of this 36 familia brand. And I have seen some celebs wearing it before. Love designs that include the eagle. It flies higher than than any other bird. And it also stands for courage, honesty and truthful principles.

    I also like the colors selected for this design. Dark and red can always hang together.

    1. Hello Henry , thanks for the Wise and kind words. Hopefully we get bigger numbers manufactured next time round as it seems to be a big hit . Please do check back and visit us again soon. Thanks

  4. I like exclusive fashion brands, so I was thinking to get one for my nephew. 36 Familia seems a nice choice, but too bad it just out of stock. Will this cap available again in the future? Also, when the cap is available, will it have international shipping option? I hope there will be more update in the future. Thanks

    1. Hi Alblue I have good news, the caps will soon be back in stock. International shipping will be included.Thanks for your honest feedback, and do check back in the near future .Many Thanks

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