Kappa…a stylish brand

Kappa is an Italian sports equipment and clothing brand founded in Turin.

over a century old …

Kappa was originally founded in 1916 which makes it over 100 years old, and is now truly a global brand serving worldwide.


Kappa does a lot of sponsorships ranging from worldwide football teams to musicians, Canadian rapper Dkay also featured Kappa in his music video for No Suprise.

Kappas Logo…

One thing that is very different about Kappa is their logo. Most if not all other sporting brands have symbols or letters as their logo’s but Kappa has something completely different. Kappa’s logo consists of 2 persons sitting back to back with one another.


Ellesse … still popular as ever

Ellesse was founded in 1959 by Leonardo Servadio. The brand grew in popularity in the 1970’s with their ski-wear range and has also been closely associated with tennis ????.

Gaining popularity…

In the 1970’s and 80’s Ellesse gained in popularity mainly due to its combining of sports-wear and street level fashion. Ellesse is also known as one of the first companies to feature their logo on the outside of it’s garments proving to be a big hit and the norm in today’s society.

Celebrities choice…

Over the years a number of celebrities have endorsed Ellesse , tennis players like Boris Becker, Anna Kournikova, Chris Evert, formula 1 driver Alain Prost, boxer Muhammad Ali and actors Roger Moore & Brigitte Nielsen.

Ellesse garments

Ellesse is still as popular today as it was a few decades ago and this I feel is down to its eye catching designs and high prices. Moderate prices and eye catchings designs is something that always appeals to me.

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Adidas Firebird Boys Tracksuit

Lets take a look at the fashionable adidas firebird tracksuit . With it’s sleek & fashionable look this tracksuit just makes you want to wear it as a casual outfit and not just for sporting occassions . Long lasting and durable , how much would you pay for this tracksuit?


100% Polyester … feels good to wear & long lasting 


Available in Small Medium Large …


Comes in two colours , black , black & white


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