Australian Retail Giant

  • On a recent trip to Australia i accidentally discovered a retail outlet that was big on youth fashion and had been around for decades .

Glue Outlet

The Glue outlet was well presented & stocked up with most of the household brands such as Nike , Adidas, Champion , Tommy Hilfiger , alongside some local Australian brands .

Champion clothing

The branch i visited was by Sydney Harbour , here’s a few pictures i took on my travels


Nike Boys Sweat Top






<<click here to visit the official glue website>>

The Glue store also offers FREE DELIVERY on orders over £75 , to take advantage of this offer or to take a look at more of Glue stores amazing offers please <<CLICK HERE>>


Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin Ltd is a French fashion company founded in 1991 by a french designer named Christian Louboutin .

Rising to fame with his signature footwear which is high end stilleto’s comprising of red lacquered soles , (Click image for more details).

Christian Louboutin Womens Black Satin Sandals

The company has branched out since into menswear , handbags and  perfumes .

I have listed a few below , to see the items in more detail click on the images .

Cjristian Louboutin Mens TrainersChristian Louboutin Loubi Nail Care Kit


Christian Louboutin trouble in heaven Eau De Parfum    Christian Louboutin Tornade Blonde Eau De Parfum

Christian Louboutin Makeup    Christian Louboutin silky satin lipstick






Valentino Garavani

Valentino … is an Italian clothing company founded in 1960 by Valentino Garavani , which he went on to sell for $300 million in 1998 . Since then it has sold a few times and is now owned by the state of Qatar since 2012 .

Valentino’s sell a good range of products , clothing , footwear , fragrances , handbags .

Valentino has also designed wedding outfits for stars like Elizabeth Taylor , Jennifer Lopez , Courtney Cox and princess Madeleine Of Sweden .

Click on the images below for more details

B07YBLQ7H1                  B07YBLY8MX


B001VD9S1C   B005QT6W98

Valentino’s also have been selling perfumes since the late 1970’s . To see more products like these in more detail please click on the images  . Also don’t forget to leave a message below if you have any suggestions .


Do Trainers Really Cost This Much?

Giuseppe Zanotti Men’s Trainers

I always knew that the price of  trainers was always on the increase but recently i had a real shock when I found out that a couple of hundred pounds was the norm and sometimes over a thousand pounds.

Lets take a look at a few that I’ve randomly selected with the price tag in mind . Here’s a few i found on Amazon. Click on the picture of the trainer to see the real price , can you guess?

B0842X2BVM    B07WGB8XD2


Giuseppe Zanotti 

Born in 1957 in a town in Italy well known for shoe making , Giuseppe Zanotti started off his career in the 1980’s .

In the early 1990’s Giuseppe acquired his first shoe making factory and set about working on his company .

In 1994 Giuseppe travelled to New York to present his first Giuseppe Zanotti collection . Barneys New York , Saks Fifth Avenue , Neiman Marcus , Harrods , Harvey Nichols are just a few of the luxury retailers that are still with the brand up till today .

The first Giuseppe Zanotti store opened it’s doors in Milan in 2000 and was followed by more stores in New York , Paris , London, Moscow , Hong Kong , Los Angeles, Miami , St Tropez .

2016 saw Giuseppe Zanotti celebrate the opening of his 100th store in Shanghai and today employs up to 650 staff who are responsible for making approximately 600,000 pairs of footwear .

It’s always interesting to hear people’s views on what they think of high end trainers and also what price you would pay .

Please leave your comments and suggestions below

Giuseppe Zanotti Men’s Trainers



New Trainers To Go With My New Tracksuit

It happens all to often , you buy a brand new tracksuit and then reality hits home. Should I buy a brand new pair of trainers to go with my new tracksuit?

Nike Men's Pocket Fly DM Casual Shoe


Do I Really Need Them

There is always a temptation to buy a pair of brand new trainers just to compliment your new tracksuit. However you have to really ask yourself “ do you really need them ?” At this point I almost always go with my gut feeling . If I see something that catches my eye there and then I will almost certainly buy it (as long as the price is right).

If I’ve purchased my tracksuit for a special occasion then again almost certainly I will complete the outfit by buying a pair of trainers to compliment the tracksuit.

Air Jordan 4 retro

Same Brand Or Different

It’s always good to try and match your tracksuit with the same branded trainers, unless your going for completely unbranded. These days designs are so eye catching that you can almost wear anything and it will match up to your outfit.

Again this is down to personal choice . Bear in mind these days a lot of outlets are giving big discounts if you spend more in one store .

Same Outlet Or Different

As I have just touched on buying from the same outlet can result in getting bigger discounts also keep in mind any loyalty schemes or coupon promotions the brand/outlet maybe running. This is probably one of the main reasons why people tend to stick to certain brands.

Sale Items

Another good place to start looking when you first visit an outlet is the sale’s rack. It’s become a common feature in almost all outlets these days. it’s always worth taking a look as you might just find something you like at a discounted price.

Why not share your thoughts about the subject , just think back to your most recent purchase and how it went for your . It’s always good hearing about other people’s experiences. HAPPY SHOPPING